Work Package 3 – Development of Self-Assessment Tool and Interactive Training Package (with use of VR/AR)

The specific objectives of this work package are to:

-Help companies assess their current level of inclusion of people with disabilities in their emergency preparedness plans

-Supporting and ensuring disabled people will respond effectively in emergency situations

-Supporting and ensuring First Responders’ teams will be assisting disabled people effectively in emergency situations

-Minimizing the cost of training and exercising (e.g by not disrupting operations to run several exercises as these can be run through AR/VR simulation and serious games, at group or individual level)

-Maximizing the measurement, control, monitoring and improvements in relation to emergency plans and management
within an enterprise


This work package will create a training package that will prepare / update / enhance SMEs emergency planning and identifying improvements in relation to people with disabilities. This work package will utilize and embed AR/VR technology into its emergency planning for achieving great results into training, exercising and improving their plans and response capabilities.

The specific results of this work package are:

  • Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment Tool

  • Emergency Preparedness Syllabus

  • Emergency Preparedness Training Course
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