Work Package 1 - Project Management

In the WP1 (Project Management) are included:
Bilateral Agreements
Project Management Plan
Quality Assurance Plan
Communication Platform
Financial Reports
Interim and Final Reports

Work Package 3 – Development of Self-Assessment Tool and Interactive Training Package (with use of VR/AR)

The specific objectives of this work package are to:
-Help companies assess their current level of inclusion of people with disabilities in their emergency preparedness plans
-Supporting and ensuring disabled people will respond effectively in emergency situations
-Supporting and ensuring First Responders’ teams will be assisting disabled people effectively in emergency situations
-Minimizing the cost of training and exercising (e.g by not disrupting operations to run several exercises as these can be run
through AR/VR simulation and serious games, at group or individual level)
-Maximizing the measurement, control, monitoring and improvements in relation to emergency plans and management
within an enterprise

This work package will create a training package that will prepare / update / enhance SMEs emergency planning and identifying improvements in relation to people with disabilities. This work package will utilize and embed AR/VR technology into its emergency planning for achieving great results into training, exercising and improving their plans and response capabilities.

The specific results of this work package are:
Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment Tool
Emergency Preparedness Syllabus
Emergency Preparedness Training Course

Work Package 2 – Creation of methodological framework for workplace emergency preparedness for people with disabilities

The specific objectives of work package 2 are to:
a. Provide companies with the with all the required tools and methods to implement workplace emergency preparedness
suitable for people with disabilities.
b. Develop a methodology to support target group into successfully incorporating people with disabilities in their emergency
preparedness plans.
c. Provide a methodology to train company personnel and people with disabilities in emergency procedures.

In the WP2, the following results are included:
State Analysis Assessment Report
A workplace emergency preparedness Framework
Workplace emergency preparedness Framework TOOLBOX
Pilot Study Report

Work Package 4 – Design and Programming of Online Training Platform

A Learning Platform will be developed integrating the educational package with information, tools and other resources in
order to enhance learning.Using an online learning platform is the best way to have the training content organized in a single location and give the learners the ability to have unlimited access to the information they need,
whenever and wherever they want. At the same time, a learning platform provides unlimited access to learning material, maintains record of the progress achieved by each learner and allows learners to study and learn at their own pace.

In this Work Package, the main result will be an online e-training platform based on the Emergency Preparedness Training Course, aiming to enable target groups to become aware of the methods of inclusion of people with disabilities into their emergency planning .

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