PRO.D.I.G.Y. Partners

The PRO.D.I.G.Y. Project Consists of 7 Partners from 5 different countries, including Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy.

Coordinator - Społeczna Akademia Nauk

University of Social Sciences is the largest private educational institution in Poland, with more than 25 years of experience. We provide high-quality education to students from all over the world. The University offers a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in major cities in Poland and in the branch campus in London. Our offer also includes MBA and PhD studies. In the educational rankings, published by the influential national magazines our University is placed very high. There are 18 departments, including Management, Finance and Accounting, Sociology, Psychology, National Security and IT studies.
SAN goal is to equip students and graduates with specialist knowledge and practical skills needed in the 21st century’s labour market, both at the local and international levels. Therefore, all of the programs are developed in close cooperation with partner companies and institutions and provide students with an opportunity to participate in internship programs and various projects in a real-world business environment.
SAN collaborate closely also with wide range of educational organisations (eg. Ośrodek Nowoczesnych Technologii Informacyjnych Łodzkiego Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli i Kształcenia Praktycznego), associations and foundations as well as local and national Authorities.
Apart from main activity the University is a significant institution of persistent adult education (LLL) offering different courses for adults. A lot of our activities are based on close collaboration with actors of the VET sector, for whom we organize trainings and studies.
SAN has a dedicated unit responsible for creation and providing e-learning courses (as whole studies and short courses) – Polish Open Academy. The platform is Moodle. The University is experienced in creation of new e-learning courses in many fields.
ul. Sienkiewicza 9, 90-113 Łódź, Poland  |  42 664 66 66  |


FRAME – Foundation for the Development of International and Educational Activity is a Polish NGO established in response to the observed changes in the socio-economic environment of Poland and Europe with the aim to develop and promote international cooperation of local communities supporting education, professional activity and the well-being of citizens.
We implement statutory goals thanks to the development of international, national and local cooperation of broadly understood social character, supporting European integration, active cooperation in the development of civil society and democracy culture as well as scientific, educational and cultural activities for beneficiaries, in particular, the disadvantaged groups.
FRAME co-operates with a wide range of organisations, associations and foundations as well as local and national authorities supporting people with disabilities.
ul. Bajeczna 193-347 Lodz,Poland  |  48519181919  |


SIGMA BUSINESS NETWORK (TOURNIS SYMVOULEFTIKI EE) is a consulting firm covering essential business and one of our partners that needs in the areas of Business Resilience, Governance, Risk & Compliance Management, Incident & Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management, Information Security and Privacy Management.
SIGMA utilizes globally established Methodologies and Best Practices, customized to each Client’s (and Project’s) specific business & operational individualities and responding to the majority of international & national standards, regulations and legislations, or individual customer policies.

Based in European Union, SIGMA delivers its high-value services and solutions to Corporate and Government Organizations in Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, covering all business sectors and industries such as Banks, Telecoms, Technology firms, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Health, Insurance, Stock Exchanges, Lottery, Retail, Wholesales, Automotive Industries et al.

SIGMA is a proud business partner of world-leading organizations in the areas of its interests and is an active member in ongoing research and innovation programs of EU.
9 KRYSTALLI Str. 14565 Agios Stefanos , Greece  |  0030 210 2526321  |


PRISM is a non-for-profit Social Enterprise with the mission to create equal opportunities for the responsive progress of societies, communities and people – acting as a qualified development agent, since 2012, with its operational seat in the city of Palermo and its registered office in Enna, Italy.

PRISM represents a co-planning hub, open to public and private actors, for the elaboration of tailored development strategies and interventions, aimed at valorising diversity and sharing the social, cultural and economic resources of local communities, from an international perspective.

PRISM annually assesses its social impact, by evaluating all forms of significant change experienced by individuals and communities, following their involvement in our activities as “co-experts”. The impact considers the enhancement of income and the level of integration in the labour market, innovations in the field of education, social inclusion and relationship changes, the effects on physical and mental health and the general impact on quality of life and well-being.

Since 2015, PRISM is enrolled in the Italian National Register of Research Institutions (Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche) of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) with the code 000241_ETER.

Via Falautano (Palazzo Grimaldi) 94100 – Enna, Italy | 0039 091 7730356 |


E.G. Eugene Global Ltd is an enterprise established in 2010, with a vision to develop and deliver trustworthy solutions, to provide high-quality consulting services and training, covering needs in business, operations, governance and Information technology areas. The company is based in Limassol Cyprus and provides its services and solutions in all types of organizations whether private and/or public.
We operate locally, in the region and at the international level and typical clients include companies and organizations of all sizes from big corporations to SMEs, in Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East.
Eugene is constantly focusing on the value, professional development and welfare of its people. Our team includes specialized and certified professionals and experts, with a long experience and expertise in their areas.
All our managers and senior experts have more than 20 years of field experience in local and international environments and utilize their background, soft skills and maturity to provide and build value for our clients.
5 Seychellon, 3067, Lemessos, Cyprus  |  00357 96 33 1006  |


Handy Club Ostrava, a registered association, is an association of people interested in supporting and improving the situation of disabled people. Members of the association are people with various types of physical disabilities, their family members or friends facilitating coping with life with a handicap. Members of the association are also healthy people who are cares about an issue of disabled people and are interested in working or participating in activities that reduce the negative consequences of physical handicaps existence. The association offers and implements a number of activities aimed at improving the quality of life of disabled people, especially in the following areas:
– Support for education of members of the Association (with concentration on labour marekt demand)
– Dealing with general accessibility topics which help to improve the life with disability
– Dealing with education and practise supporting disabled people during disasters and crises situations
– Support of the health aspects of disabled members of the association
– Supporting the social side of the life of disabled people
Závodní 272/29, Ostrava – Jih, 700 30, Czech Republic  |  420608811060  |


Realiscape ( is a leading Greek / Swiss company specializing in integrated simulation training solutions and a diverse range of information visualization applications utilizing cutting-edge immersive ΧR (Extended Reality) technologies. Our core business is to build and integrate engineering, engagement and mission level simulators. With an unparallel experience of almost a decade we innovate by elevating “traditional” simulation techniques and algorithms by utilizing real-time graphic engines and multiphysics with complete mathematical modelling of complex phenomena.
Realiscape develops solutions for the highly demanding field of military simulators, belonging to the world’s small group of companies in the sector. One of our main products here is the Holotrac Large-Scale Virtual Environment with various applications, such as training personnel in life-threatening situations, e.g., close quarter battles and combat shooting. Another staple product is the FireMeister firefighting simulator for procedural fire safety training of first responders onboard vessels. Additionally, we offer a series of virtual laboratories utilizing our V-Lab platform, for high-pressure hydraulics and power tools technicians’ familiarization. We also design and develop a variety of bespoke VR and AR applications upon request and we also build custom solutions on the most widespread LVC commercial platforms VBS4, Calytrix CSE and Steel Beasts.
Our team consists of experts from various fields with skills in graphics and VR development, design and modeling, programmin, CFD Packages and numerical methods, ECAD, CAE and CAD software. Together we all are working to build applications for the future of simulation and XR.
Panachaidos Athinas Str. 17, Kastellokampos, Patra 26442  |  0030 2610 993460  |
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