Let’s Begin

Now, let’s get practical!


We recommend that you begin by analyzing your organization’s current state using our PRO.D.I.G.Y Gap tool. Enter and fill in your answers. In the end, you will receive your individual results and recommendations on how to start your journey towards inclusive emergency preparedness. Click the image to enter the tool:

Online Test

Secondly, you should attend the PRO.D.I.G.Y Training Course. This course is designed to equip individuals and companies with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively respond to emergency situations while accommodating the needs of people with disabilities. You have the flexibility to navigate through the course based on your specific needs. Whether you prefer to go through the entire course from start to end or jump into chapters that are relevant to your current situation, the choice is yours. In each chapter, you will find a self-assessment quiz to test your knowledge and reinforce your learning.


And lastly, we have prepared a toolbox with helpful materials, templates, and worksheets. You can find everything you need to effectively plan and practice your inclusive emergency preparedness procedures here.



Happy Learning!












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