Executive Summary The overall objective of the PRO.D.I.G.Y project is to promote the use and adoption of AR/VR solutions to assist people with disabilities, first responders and companies during workplace emergencies in order to increase the safety of people with disabilities. In addition to the overall objective, a methodological framework will be developed to support […]

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Let’s Begin

Now, let’s get practical!   We recommend that you begin by analyzing your organization’s current state using our PRO.D.I.G.Y Gap tool. Enter and fill in your answers. In the end, you will receive your individual results and recommendations on how to start your journey towards inclusive emergency preparedness. Click the image to enter the tool:

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Update your Plan

Phase 1: Revision of the assessment of workplace emergency preparedness status of the company This phase is the same as Phase 1 of the Methodology for creating a NEW strategic emergency preparedness plan. To avoid repetition, please see here: Μethodology to set up a NEW Emergency Preparedness Strategy Plan   Phase 2: Revision of the

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Set up a new Plan

Phase 1: Assessment of emergency preparedness status of the company Introduction to Phase 1 Description of Phase 1 The primary objective of Phase 1 is to evaluate your company’s potential by characterising its current emergency preparedness status. Once completed, you will have a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the potential of your company’s current status

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Emergency Preparedness

Barriers and opportunities The State Analysis Assessment Report is the first output of WP2. It is a state analysis that aims to depict the current situation across Europe regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities in emergency preparedness. The report was developed following interviews with experts, online surveys and desk-based research. The results of the

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