“Assess your Organisation” Tool

This tool is designed to aid small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors in assessing their current level of emergency preparedness and identifying potential gaps in their planning and training efforts, with a particular focus on inclusivity for people with disabilities.

The tool consists of nine sections, covering a broad spectrum of emergency preparedness topics, including:

  1. Plan Development and Documentation
  2. Accessibility Assessment
  3. Evacuation Planning & Procedures
  4. Communication, Notification/Warning Systems & Feedback Mechanisms
  5. Assistance and Support
  6. Accessible Facilities/Sheltering Procedures
  7. Information and Training
  8. Personalized Plans
  9. Coordination with External Resources

To complete the self-assessment, kindly answer the questions in each section truthfully and accurately. The questions are crafted to evaluate your company's current state of emergency preparedness and pinpoint any areas that may require improvement.

Upon completion of the self-assessment, you will receive a score report detailing your company's performance in each section. In addition, the report will offer recommendations on the study of relevant PRODIGY Course modules to enhance your company's emergency preparedness efforts.

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